Recruiting Regional Sales Manager


Job description

1. Basic conditions

Good health, good character, professional dedication, team spirit and perseverance, strong learning adaptability. The working place is Chizhou;

2. Recruitment position: credit card account manager


1. According to the credit card development path and internal risk requirements, promote the bank's credit card related products and achieve various card issuing targets;

2. Maintain good customer relationship, provide high quality service for customers, and timely feedback customer needs;

3. Follow Everbright business philosophy, strictly abide by the rules and regulations, maintain the company's professional image.


1. Under 30 years old, with strong marketing ability, more than 1 year sales experience is preferred, excellent conditions can be relaxed to technical secondary school education;

2. Have a good sense of service, risk awareness, market development ability, strong communication ability, be able to bear certain sales ability, have strong self-improvement.

3. Good moral quality and professionalism, no bad work records.

4. The spouse or children of the front-line medical staff participating in the fight against the epidemic will be given priority under the same conditions.